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5 Plants Used for Eczema Treatment

You may not know it yet, but a natural eczema treatment may be right in your garden or kitchen. The following has been used for many years now in relieving the symptoms of eczema.

Aloe Vera

We all know the many wonders the gel from aloe vera leaves does to the skin. It is no surprising that many skin care products have aloe vera gel as one of their ingredients. You can cut the leaf and apply the gel directly onto the skin with eczema. The gel works by moisturizing the affected area – the skin will become softer and the healing of tissue will become faster. Many people who have tried the aloe vera plant noted reduced eczema symptoms and improved skin quality.


There are two distinctive popular chamomile plants: German and Roman. They both look like small daisies and, by tradition, used as herbal remedy for almost the same problems. Chamomile has been found to have anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties, therefore it is one of the many known natural treatment for eczema. The German variant is commonly used as a remedy for this skin condition. You can use chamomile tea as a compress on eczematous skin. Also, chamomile essential oils and topical creams may be used to massage the area with, and achieve similar healing effects.


Rosemary has been used for many centuries now because of its cleansing and anti-oxidant properties. You can purchase rosemary essential oils, bath soap and topical creams at aromatherapy and natural bath and body products stores. It is good at reducing skin inflammation and helps improve blood circulation. The camphoraceous smell also helps relive stress and invigorate you. Here’s how to use this wonderful herb: as an essential oil, you can add a few drops onto your bathwater and soak yourself in it for minutes; as a soap and topical cream, massage onto the eczematous skin.

Walnut Leaves

The walnut tree leaves have been used for thousands of years now because of their medicinal properties, especially for treating various skin disorders. Their anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and astringent properties make them an effective remedy for scabies, skin ulcers, eczema and many others. You can utilize infusions and tinctures made from the leaves of a walnut tree to protect the eczematous skin from infection. A decoction may also be prepared as a compress on the affected area. To do this, cut 2-3 grams of dried walnut leaves into pieces. Place them in 100 mg cold water. Bring it to a boil then let simmer for 15 minutes. When cooled, apply on skin.


Turmeric belongs to the ginger family and is used worldwide for cooking as well as medicinal purposes. Yes, it is that yellow substance that adds color and flavor to curry. It has been found that curcumin, an active substance found in turmeric, has a wide variety of therapeutic actions, most especially its anti-inflammatory effects.

This works because of the substance’s ability to lower the body’s production of histamine, and possibly stimulate the production of cortisone – a steroid hormone. You can purchase turmeric in pill form at natural food stores and take 500 mg of it daily. You may also apply it topically when bought as oil, cream or ointment. Mixing turmeric powder with water is also great for washing eczematous skin with.

A natural eczema treatment is definitely less expensive than conventional medications prescribed by doctors these days. They have been around for many years now and are used as a treatment for different conditions.


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